Mozuku Su (vinegar)

A great healthy dish with a lots of fiber!
Why not try it out for your health and beauty!! 
Mozuku Su (vinegar)
The seaweed cuisine known as "Mozuku Su" in Mainland Japan is mostly grown in Okinawa since the 1970's and is called "Okinawa Mozuku". It is slimily and soft. This slimily texture is caused by the principle ingredients fucodain(fiber), and it also has a lot of mineral and vitamins with low calories. If it's cooked with vinegar, synergistic effect is expected. The season for mozuku is from April to June. To make "Mozuku Su", wash the mozuku carefully and let it boil in a pan and marinade it with a combination of regular vinegar and pickle vinegar. It's also good with ginger, yam, cucumber, and okra as toppings.

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