The most well-known summer vegetables in Japan is goya!
Its richness of nutrition as well
Goya (bitter melon) is also called "reishi" or "niga uri" in Japanese and is one of the essential ingredients for Okinawan local cuisine. It is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae widely grown in Asia; mainly in India. Goya has a distinctive bitter taste. Nowadays, it is sold in the grocery stores all over Japan as a summer vegetable. Goya contains abundant vitamin C which is easy to be insufficient in daily life, and is hard to be lost even when it is heated. Also, it has an intestinal healing effect, orexigenic effect, and maintains blood pressure. Although it is mostly used as the main ingredient for "Chanpuru (stir-fried cuisine with pork, egg, tofu, etc..)", it has been popular to server it as tempura, juice, "namasu (seasoned with vinegar)", "kokuto zuke (marinated with moscovado brown sugar)", as well.

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