Pineapple snack

Plenty of sweetness! Pineapples which can be tore with hands like snacks
Pineapple snack
A small pineapple, "Pineapple snack" can be eaten by tearing with hands like a snack after the bottom is cut. Juicy enough to moisten your throat and soft enough to eat its core are its features and because it has stronger sweetness and less acidity than usual pineapple has, people who does not like pineapple's acidic flavor can eat.
It is said that pineapple snack with a large jowl is sweet and delicious, so keep it in mind when you chose.

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I love when Ron looks into the camera. I feel like your talnikg directly to me personally. Very Business like! Thank you for making me feel part of your show. Take care! BEER AWAAAYYYY!!