Karashina (mustard green)

Marinated "Karashina (mustard green)" is the Okinawa style Simple flavor with high nutrition
Karashina (mustard green)
"Karashina (mustard green)", also known as "Shimana (island vegetable)" in Okinawa, is one of the most common traditional vegetable in Okinawa. "Karashina", literally means mustard plant in Japanese, has its own spiciness. Japanese mustard is made from crushed seeds of "Karashina". In Okinawa, it is marinated with salt to make its taste milder. Marinated "Karashina" is called "Chikina" with stronger smell with rich flavor. It is a local common dish stir-fried with tuna or spam. "Chikina chanpuru" which is the cooked island tofu and "Chikina" would fit perfect with alcohol, and also the popular Okinawan cuisine for tourists. 

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