Coconut Crab

Try one of the Okinawan luxury food "Coconut Crab" and enjoy the rich taste!
Coconut Crab
The "Coconut Crab" is not a crab, it is a type of hermit crab and it is the largest land-living arthropod in the world. It's usually boiled or steamed and eaten by dipping it into "Kanimiso (green or gray colored paste inside of crab)". It can also be used as an ingredient for miso soup or noodles. In some places, it is simmered with coconut milk.
However, the number of coconut crab is decreasing dramatically to be designated as an endangered species because of over catching, this fact makes some restaurants decide to not to serve it. Thus the Coconut Crab dish is precious and valuable.

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Coconut crabs are considered endangered. Islands Such as Seychelles have them now protected. You should know this before you post. No matter what Island your from.
  • November 10, 2012