Gurukun (double-lined fusilier)

Colorful Okinawa fishes are fun to watch and delicious.
Enjoy it fully from head to toe
Gurukun (double-lined fusilier)
Certified as the Okinawa's prefectural fish, "Gurukun (double-lined fusilier)" is the most popular Okinawan fish . It inhabits around coastal coral reefs and reefs in a pod. When you see it underwater, the beautiful creature has bright blue skin and two yellow lines. Spawning takes place in May-July in a big pod around 1,500 fishes. Great deal of them are caught by drive fishing and gill net. The pale red colored fish meat has a light taste, have it as sashimi (raw fish), nitsuke (boiled in soy sauce), yakimono (fried), or karaage (deep-fried). It is used in fish cake too. You can enjoy this white fish from head to tail.

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