Soki bone (pork rib)

Soki bone is one of the significant ingredients of Okinawa food.
Have it simmered or as a soup.
There are various ways to enjoy it!
Soki bone (pork rib)
Soki bone means the rib (meat including part of a rib). Originally, soki means the colander in Okinawa language. Because the shape of the rib looks like it, the rib is called soki. The most popular recipe is the simmered pork. Soki bone is simmered until the meat is tender, and even chopsticks go through the bone. The taste is marvelous and you can have your own flavor, too. The "Soki bone soup" which is seasoned by Japanese radish, sea weed, and bonito bouillon powder is one of the recipes loved by the locals.

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