Agu pork cuisines

Okinawa's famous pork with the high reputation quality that attracts many people
Agu pork cuisines
Okinawa is one of the most pork consumed prefecture in Japan. There are many brand pork here in Okinawa, but the higheigst approval rate goes to the "Agu Pork".  The native breed "black pig" are quality guaranteed but has a limit of production, which is the reason why it's called the "Rare Pig". It's feature is the soft texture and deep taste with a good balance of lean and fat. It is used in many dishes and served all over the island. The most recommended dish is the Okinawan simmered pork "Rafuti". The high quality fat makes it great light taste. Suitable for Shabu-Shabu, Yakiniku or Sukiyaki. Want to savor the rich taste of Agu pork.

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