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Western Style Restaurant Bistro Bouquet
The chef only uses the seasonal local fish and vegetables. “Ura lunch plate (secret lunch plate)” is recommended. Din...
〒901-1505Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Kuhara, Chinen, Nanjyou City 435-2
TEL:098-947-6755 FAX:
Lunch 11:30-15:00 Dinner 18:00-21:00 Closed: Tuesday

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Ready-made Meal Fugetsu
Anybody would be surprised with their hearty meal and it's only 200 to 400 yen. Get their bento-box on a sunny day an...
〒901-1204Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Inamine, Ozato, Nanjyou City 2030
TEL:098-946-8135 FAX:
06:30-14:00 Closed: Sunday

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Have some Okinawan cuisine and Awamori at night in Okinawa. Check the daily special menu, too.
〒901-1414Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Tsuhako, Sashiki, Nanjyou City 578
TEL:098-947-0737 FAX:
17:00-24:00 Closed: Tuesday

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Okinawa Manmaru Café
From the seat with wide open window, you can see the cobalt blue ocean. The coffee is roasted with German roaster and...
〒901-1502Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Azama, Chinen, Nanjyou City 1106-1
TEL:098-948-4050 FAX:
11:00-18:00 Closed: Varies

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natural CAFÉ Olive Tree
The building which is reminiscent of England's house was designed by the owner who is also an architect and its inter...
〒901-1512Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Yoshitomi, Chinen, Nanjyou City 391
TEL:098-948-4220 FAX:
11:30-18:30(Except summer season 17:00) Closed: Friday

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cafe/zakka BE NATURAL
The cuisine utilized seasonal ingredients is so popular and many repeaters come back for authentic Italian food. The ...
〒901-1403Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Sashiki, Sashiki, Nanjyou City 488
TEL:098-947-6203 FAX:
Weekday 12:00-21:00(L.O.) Weekend, Holiday: 11:30-22:30 (L.O.) Closed: Tuesday, Thursday (except hol

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CAFÉ Miyarabi
They have one daily special item for lunch and sweets. Because the owner does all in kitchen and hall, recommended to...
〒901-1403Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Sashiki, Sashiki, Nanjyou City 1654-5
TEL:098-949-1835 FAX:
11:30-16:00 (L.O.) Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: until sunset, Need booking for night Closed: Friday

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Herb dishes and daily herb bread used with fresh herb caught from their farm have addictive taste. Enjoy herbal tea w...
〒901-1405Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Nakaiho, Sashiki, Nanjyou City 116-1
TEL:098-947-3948 FAX:
9:00-18:00 Closed: Tuesday

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Umikaze Agu Yakiniku Cafe
Spend luxury time in the location overlooking Nibaru beach. Lunch menu is tasty and hearty with based on homemade veg...
〒901-0603Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Hyakuna, Tamagusuku, Nanjyou City 985-1
TEL:098-948-3123 FAX:
11:00-21:00 Closed: Wednesday

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Popular Rafute (simmered pork) only uses strictly fed pork. You can eat safe, secure, health-conscious cuisine such a...
〒901-0615Japan Okinawa Nanjyou City Horikawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjyou City 738-1(1F)
TEL:098-948-2559 FAX:
11:30-19:00(L.O.18:30) Closed: Monday (if it is a holiday, Tuesday)

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Search results 236 11 - 20 are displaying