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1 Okinawa Zoo & Museum (沖縄こどもの国)
130 kinds of animals, children's place who bears the future

Okinawa Zoo & Museum has 3 facilities, "Nature land", "...
〒904-0021Japan Okinawa Okinawa City Goya 5-7-1
TEL:098-933-4190 FAX:
Hours: Summer time (April-Sep) 9:30-18:00 (entering 17:00) Hours: Winter time (Oct-Mar) 9:30-17:30

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2 The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters (旧海軍司令部壕)
We wish and pray for continuous peace and tells the severe and anguish of war

The Former Japanese Navy Underground H...
〒901-0241Japan Okinawa Tomigushuku City Tomishiro 236
TEL:098-850-4055 FAX:
July-Sept 8:00-17:30 Oct-June 8:30-17:00 Closed: Open All Year

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3 Yanga (ヤンガー)
A spring of Miyagi Island with full quantity of water and high stone architecture skill

Mountain spring water locate...
〒Japan Okinawa Uruma City Yonashiro Uehara

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4 Kouri Bridge (古宇利大橋)
The longest bridge on an open road in Japan, connecting Kouri Island and Yagaji Island

2,020 meter-long bridge conne...
〒Japan Okinawa Nakijin Village Kouri

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5 Kakazu Takadai Park (嘉数高台公園)
A fierce battle of Japan and U.S. army was carried out at this land

Kakazu Takadai Park was the land where Japan and...
〒901-2226Japan Okinawa Ginowan City Kakazu 1-5

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6 TISCO Okinawa Information Counter (TISCO沖縄インフォメーションカウンター)
iPhone and cell phone rental with 18 kind of currency exchange!

Right after arriving in Naha International Airport, ...
〒901-0142Japan Okinawa Naha City Kagamizu 174 Naha International Airport 1F
TEL:098-891-8880 FAX:
Hours: 9:30-18:30 Closed: Open all year

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7 Heshikiyatakino (平敷屋タキノー)
A hill that was made when Heshikiya Chobin dogged to make a pond

A elevation of 70m hill in southern Heshikiya, Kats...
〒904-2314Japan Okinawa Uruma City Katsuren heshikiya

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8 Nago Pineapple Park (ナゴパイナップルパーク)
100 kinds of pineapple grows and can eat it all year round

Get on a pineapple shaped car and look around the wide pa...
〒905-0005Japan Okinawa Nago City Bimata 1195
TEL:0980-53-3659 FAX:
Hours: 9:00-18:00 Closed: Open All Year

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9 Yukishio Saltworks (雪塩製塩所)
Certified by the Guinness Book. Would you like to see the process of Yukishio salt and its secret?

Yukishio is certi...
〒906-0002Japan Okinawa Miyakojima City Hirara Karimata 191
TEL:0980-72-5667 FAX:
Summer season (April-Sep.) 9:00-18:30 Winter season (Oct.-March) 9:00-17:00 Closed: Open All Year

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10 Butterfly Paradise (琉宮城蝶々園)
The theme park where you can fully enjoy watching butterflies flying gracefully and nature.

Natural theme park “Ryug...
〒905-0205Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Yamakawa 390-1
TEL:0980-48-3456 FAX:
Hours: 9:00-17:00 16:30 (Last entry) Closed: Open All Year

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