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Marine House Aharen is a hotel located on the island of Tokashiki about 1 hour away from Naha by ferry. We specializ...
〒901-3502Japan Okinawa-ken Aharen, Tokashiki-son, Shimajiri-gun 106
8:00-20:0 Open All Year

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2 Valley of Gangala (ガンガラーの谷)
A journey to learn the roots of the Japanese

Walk around the south forest and cave of mainland Okinawa, “Valley of G...
〒901-0616Japan Okinawa Nanjo City Tamagusuku Maegawa 202
TEL:098-948-4192 FAX:
Hours: 9:00-18:00 (Tours are conducted 4 times a day) 10:00/12:00/14:00/16:00 *Reservation required

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3 Motobu "Oji's"(Grandfater's) Nature Guide (Farm experience, Acerola picking)
One seed of acerola contains vitamin C for two lemons.King of vitamin C.

1.Farming experience acerola farming exper...
〒905-0211Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Higashi 178
TEL:090-3792-1424 FAX:
Hours: 8:00-18:00

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4 Murasaki Mura
32 workshops with 101 experience programs

The history of Ryukyu Dynasty’s bright trading period has re-created on th...
〒904-0323Japan Okinawa Yomitan Village Takashiho 1020-1
TEL:098-958-1111 FAX:
Hours: 9:00-18:00 Last entery: 17:30 (Except on special occasions) *Some experience programs 9:00-

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5 Glass Blowing Takumi Koubo -Glass Blowing Craft Experience- (吹きガラス 匠工房~吹きガラス体験~)
Adding new! Glass blowing experience reservation in accepting the popular summer vacation! !

"Some of the originalit...
〒904-1115Japan Okinawa Uruma City Ishikawaiha 1553-279
TEL:098-965-7550 FAX:
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00

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6 Gala Aoiumi
~Experience the ocean and salt at our pleasant place~

It's a place with a fine view of the blue ocean and you can ...
〒904-0323Japan Okinawa Yomitan Village Takashiho 915
TEL:098-958-3940 FAX:
Hours: Activity 10:00-18:00 Last admission: 17:30 at each facility Hours: Restaurant 11:00-20 ...

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7 Flower & Bamboo Park Okinawa Kaguya Hime (花と竹の公園 沖縄かぐや姫)
Bungalows and camping facilities are also equipped with botanical experience. Seasonal flowers to decorate the shooti...
〒905-1205Japan Okinawa Higashi Village Gesashi 718-28
TEL:0980-43-2838 FAX:
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00

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8 Iriomote island canoeing & trekking "Sangara waterfall" course (西表島 カヌー&トレッキング「サンガラの滝」コース)
Sangara is a rare waterfall which divides into many flows so you can walk behind it

Iriomote island's, "Sangara Fall...
〒907-0012Japan Okinawa Ishigaki City Misakichou 1 Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal
TEL:0980-82-6711 FAX:
Hours: 7:00-19:00

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8 Yanbaru Glass Art Gallery
At Glass workshop, you can watch the process of making the Ryukyu glass, and can also experience glassblowing.

〒905-0225Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Sakimotobu 2583-1
TEL:0980-51-6677 FAX:

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8 Sanshin Experience Class & Dealer ASOVIVA (三線の体験教室・販売店 ASOVIVA)
"Play the instrument to convey the joy of many people" is the concept, we strive to develop a national mail order cou...
〒904-0324Japan Okinawa Yomitan Village Nagahama 815-3
TEL:098-958-7750 FAX:
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 Closed: Open All Year

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Search results 39 1 - 10 are displaying
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