Okinawa2Go! Okinawa2Go is a portal website that provides sightseeing information of resort island Okinawa in Japan. Please call our multilingual call center to ask any question about sightseeing information in Okinawa such as hotel, gourmet, shopping, event, tour, etc. Okinawa2Go! [Notification] We provide FON code for foreign visitors. 2011-10-28T17:45:00+09:00 Foreign visitors can use the Okinawa2Go! FON Free Wi-Fi Spots (more than 700
spots in Okinawa)
The code number for FON will be provided to whom fulfill all the
requirements bellow.
・To whom has his/her own iPhone.
・To whom can install Okinawa2Go!application to your own iPhone.
・To whom cooperate our questionnaire on Web.
・To whom let us know your own iPhone mail address, so that we will send you
  code number and the URL for the questionnaire.
"To receive code" Call at Okinawa2Go! Contact Center
English: 098-916-6180 Chinese: 098-916-6181 Korean: 098-916-6182
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[Notification] We will provide Spanish and Portuguese free translation service during the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival 2011-09-27T11:43:00+09:00 世界のウチナーンチュ大会ロゴ
Okinawan tourism information system model constructing business "Okinawa2Go! Project" is providing free translation service over the telephone in Japanese (for companies here on the island), English, Chinese and Korean, and will start additionally Portuguese and Spanish languages during the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival.

● Portuguese
From October 7 to 17, 2011
Open Hours from 9:00 to 24:00
● Spanish
From October 7 to 17, 2011
Open Hours from 9:00 to 24:00
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[Notification] The iPhone and Android application "Omotenashi guide" now can display the "Okinawa2Go!" application in multi-languages. 2011-07-13T12:50:00+09:00 gn9mc2yewo6fg99xjmi5-7e09f7c5.pngThe iPhone and Android application "Omotenashi guide" provided by SoftBank, now provides the "Okinawa2Go!" application in English, Chinese and Korean.
Android users are also able to use the "Okinawa2Go!" application.
Free to download, please make full use of it.
iPhone users can download from here.
Computer users can download from here.
Android users can download from here.
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[Notification] Website release announcement 2011-02-16T16:00:00+09:00 Today, the 2010 Okinawan tourism information system model constructing business "Okinawa2Go! Project" has released the multi-language Okinawa information website "Okinawa2Go!" to the public. 
This project is one of the first in Japan to operate a 24 hour multi-language contact center and combine the usage of Smartphones to support and provide information.
The site is to support and provide Okinawan tourism information in multiple languages for foreigners living outside the island that have a interest in Okinawa to look up tourism information and to inform about the 24 hour contact center before they come here.
Also, we provide smartphone applications that help out touring Okinawa filled with contents to make the Okinawa tour a much enjoyable one.
*Features of the website
·Provide Okinawa tourism and facility information in multi-languages (Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).
·You can contact (mail and phone) the multi-language contact center through the website. 
We will keep providing useful functions and information, please feel free to use the website.
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