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Urizun mame (winged bean)

The cut cross section is fun to watch, Okinawa’s “Urizun mame (winged bean)”.If you cut the surface of the section, the “Urizun mame (winged bean) form a square shape (looks like human body shape). “Urizun” is an Okinawa word that indicates the season in April which all the new green leaves sprouts. It is said to be named after the light green color of “Urizun mame” similar to the color of fresh green season.
“Urizun mame” was recommended by Ministry of Agriculture to Okinawa in 1980s to fill in the shortage of summer vegetables, since than it is seen around fences and kitchen gardens. Tastes like bitter green beans and usually used in dishes after cooked. It is blended in miso soup, salad, or ingredients for stir-fries.