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Okinawa Diving Shop MyDiving

Okinawa diving shop My diving. Charter a cave snorkel service of experience diving and blue, is served in a small number of people! We look forward in the service of enhancement, such as underwater photography!
Zip 904-0301
Address Japan Okinawa-ken nakagamigunn yomitannson zakimi 1256-1 View map
Reserved number 090-4247-9933
Open time and parking place 8:00~22:00
Card information Cash only
Service menu ①Blue Cave snorkel 4000 yen of blue
②Blue Cave Diving 9000 yen
③Blue Cave set course 10,000 yen ④Blue cave Night Healing 5000 yen
469-1, Maeda, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken

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