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Nemuri-no Eki

At the "Nemuri-no Eki", the concept is to offer an "enjoyable bedtime", so we have pillows, blankets, and other beddings with sundries (herb tea, pillow mist, aroma, plants) to help your sleep. Okinawan materials are in use to create products such as Getto (galingale) pillow series, Getto aroma spray, and Bingata (traditional Okinawan dyed cloth) design beddings.
For pillows, we ask how you sleep and sleeping environment to find the perfect match.
Relaxing your body and mind are very significant to get a good night sleep.
All kinds of products will make you excited to go to bed, please stop by.
Zip 901-2224
Address Japan Okinawa Ginowan City Mashiki 2-2-11 1F Matsumoto Bldg.View map
Reserved number 098-988-8231
Open time and parking place 11:00-19:00
Open all year round (except New Year's Holiday)
Card information DC Card;UFJ card;NICOS;VISA card;MasterCard; American Express;Diners Club;JCB,OCS;Discover Card;Unio
Access Naha Airport: car (open road) 40 min

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