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Nakagusuku Parking Area outbound lane (Nakagusuku Parking Area Kudari sen)

Nakagusuku PA is the southernmost parking area in Japan. For those who are heading to the northern part, we offer Tamaya's popular "Tamaya soba" meals and snacks in Okinawan rich flavor. We also have wide variety of Blue Seal ice cream, drinks and sweets, and souvenirs. Must-have items for driving such as discounted tickets to Churaumi Aquarium is available, so please stop by at Nakagusuku PA when using the express way.
Zip 901-2422
Address Japan Okinawa Nakagusuku Village Arakaki 1858 View map
Reserved number 098-895-2053
Open time and parking place Hours: 7:30-20:00
Service menu ・Blue Seal ice cream / single 270 yen ・Tamaya soba (pork belly) 550 yen ・Tamaya soba (pork spare ribs) 650 yen ・Brown sugar Andagi- 120 yen, 7 piece 800 yen ・Purple Okinawan sweet potato Andagi- 120 yen, 5 pieces 600 yen
Access From Okinawa Expressway Naha I.C. 15 minutes driving (express way)

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