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Motobu "Oji's"(Grandfater's) Nature Guide (Farm experience, Acerola picking)

One seed of acerola contains vitamin C for two lemons.King of vitamin C.

1.Farming experience acerola farming experience・acerola picking (May to beginning of November) *Starts accepting from April.
Zip 905-0211
Address Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Higashi 178 View map
Reserved number 090-3792-1424
Open time and parking place Hours: 8:00-18:00
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 140 minutes
Okinawa Expressway : Kyoda I.C. By car (open road)...

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Hehe don't stress too much about it. I think the answers you gave showed a fun personality which I felt was important especially since you are the first Sabahan food blogger featured in a newspaper. Wanted to convey that light tone across :)Had no imput on the photos though. Editors handiwork :p
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Damn it Jeff, you are right but I couldn’t NOT go. I mean she said it was a stupid idea which means this guy HAD to go. I really wish I could have won something and brought it home to fill up our living room lol

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