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Naha City Bunka Tenbusu Center (那覇市ぶんかテンブス館)

The main city of Okinawa "Naha city" now has a new complex called Tenbusu (meaning belly button)

This complex was made to share the Okinawan culture with many kinds of features. The main feature will be the Tenbusu Hall that is on the 4th floor with portable stages and movable seats. This hall can be used as concert hall, fashion show, parties and much more!! A real layout free hall!!
Zip 900-0013
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Makishi 3-2-10 Nahashi bunnka tenbusu kanView map
Reserved number 098-868-7810
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00 - 22:00
Notice: Hall Closed 12/31, 1 / 1 to 1 / 3
Service menu ・Tenbusu Hall 6,300 yen and up This multipurpose hall can be used for concerts, recitals, lectures and much more. Events and show are taken place too.
Max Capacity: 250 people

・Gallery 10,500 yen and up Exhibitions such as craft arts, photographs, paintings and much more. (Tuesdays to Sundays) *Able to connect the exhibitions with the conference rooms.

・Conference rooms 1 and 2 2,730 yen and up Can be used for lectures, seminars, subcommittee meetings, conferences and much more.
Max Capacity: 25 people / per room *Able to connect both rooms together.

“Team Mirai No Ie” Japanese style room and kitchen 2,730 and up [Japanese room] Japanese tea party, conferences and much more. [Kitchen] Cooking classes.
Max Capacity: 20 people

Training Room 4,200 yen and up Great for IT training. *Internet available.
Max Capacity: 13 people (Each seat has a computer)

[Naha City Bunka Tenbusu Center Overview]
*Tenbusu Hall *Gallery *2 Conference rooms *“Team Mirai No Ie” Japanese style room and kitchen *Training Room *2 Music studios *2 lesson rooms
Prices may vary on time and dates and equipment rental. Please call in advance to confirm the prices. 
Access Okinawa Monorail: Makishi station Walk 5 min.
Okinawa Monorail: Miebashi station Walk 6 min.
Bus Nahacity line: Makishi bus stop Walk 1 min.
Bus Naha other : Makishi bus stop Walk 3 min.

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