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Iriomote island canoeing & trekking "Sangara waterfall" course (西表島 カヌー&トレッキング「サンガラの滝」コース)

Sangara is a rare waterfall which divides into many flows so you can walk behind it

Iriomote island's, "Sangara Falls" is a rare waterfall that can walk behind of the waterfall because the flow splits into many direction. Your childhood dream adventure. Why not become a tropical jungle explorer in this adventures jungle? The "Yufu island water buffalo ride" and "Umieru (underwater cruise ship)" are optional. Course changes are available on request. Ride through the mangrove forest in a canoe and head to "Sagara Fall" by trekking. Canoe lectures are conducted. So beginners are welcome! Can enjoy the unexplored mood in this course. Feel close to nature on Iriomote island. Things interweaved by the nature are so impressive!
Zip 907-0012
Address Japan Okinawa Ishigaki City Misakichou 1 Ishigaki Port Remote Island TerminalView map
Reserved number 0980-82-6711
Open time and parking place Hours: 7:00-19:00
Card information JCB;VISA;MASTER;DC;AMEX;銀聯
Service menu Adult (12 years old and abpve) 14,500 yen
Child (6 years old to 11 years old) 11,000 yen
*Round trip, Lunch (Bento), Canoe tour (including guide fee), Original knapsack, Bus fare *Please bring towels, swimwear, and extra clothes.
Access From Ishigaki airport to the remote terminal 10 minutes driving

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