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Simple and modern tableware of Okinawan pottery and blow glass can be found in this interior shop with the concept of Okinawa and travel.
Zip 902-0065
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Tsuboya 1-6-3 View map
Reserved number 098-988-0244
Open time and parking place Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, 9:30 - 19:00 *13:00 to 15:00 is Lunch break
Service menu ・Omine Crafts The crafts sre sometimes full of strength and sometimes full of kindness depending on the time and place.
・Shikiya Osamu Each one is amde with his soul. Cobalt blue is in most of the concept.
・Yamada Yoshiriki Simple but a beautiful modern craft.
・Kinjo Yumiko The crafts are designed with the touch of a little humor. The art likes crafts are sometimes breath taking.
・Hizuki Blow glass made from recycled glass is simple but bautiful. The clear craft works is like it is from another world.
Access Okinawa Monorail: Makishi station Walk 12 min.
Kainan bus stop Walk 4 min.

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