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Okinawa Transformation Studio M Ryusou Photograph (沖縄変身スタジオM Ryuso撮影体験)

If you come to Okinawa, have a commemorative picture wearing beautiful Bingata costume in the time of Ryukyu kingdom!!
A nice studio located in Kokusai Street. O.K. for couple, friends, and family!

Picture change studio M, opened in Kokusai Street. Transport to Ryukyu dynasty!! Wear the colorful Bingata and have a commemorative picture. Well experienced dress, hair make, photographer would help your picture. Enjoy having picture like a model! Coming of age picture, wedding picture, transformation picture (elegant dress・china dress・lolita and more) are available, too!
Zip 900-0013
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Makishi 1-2-31 Okinawaya Honsha Bld. 2FView map
Reserved number 098-860-7187
Open time and parking place Hours: 11:00-20:00
Closed: Wednesday
Service menu Haisai ("Hi" in Okinawa dialect")
・Okinawa plan 5,250 yen (Shooting charge, per picture, with key chain. Normally, dressing 5,250 yen/hair and make-up 3,150 yen/picture・key chain 5,000 yen total of 13,400 yen. By telling us you saw "Mahae Plus Haisai Okinawa!" a limited plan is available! When making reservation please tell us that you saw "Haisai! Okinawa Plan!!")
・ A plan 15,750 yen (1 costume/picture cut in 6 pieces times 3/5 L size picture/key chain)

Professional dressing & hair make. Photograph in wide pose and situation. After shooting can choose your favorite picture from the computer.
*Extra Fee: Hair & make-up 3,150 yen/dressing (kimono・ryusou) 5,250 yen

・B plan 31,500 yen (princess plan, who wants to change a lot and be a princess!! if you are thinking of having a shoot like a model, want to meet the new you?)
2 costumes, 12 page original book with your name on the cover, and professional dressing & hair & make-up
*Extra Fee: Hair & maki-up 3,150 yen/dressing (kimono・ryusou) 5,250 yen

Transformation picture? When you look at the magazine, have you thought once that you want to be shooted pretty like this? Your dream will come true with this "Transformation picture" popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries.
Change to your ideal figure and be shooted by the professional photographer. Okinawa Transformation Studio M would support your hair・meke-up・dressing・shooting・picture processing with well experienced professional staff. Just enjoy feeling like a model!
Access Miebashi Station Walk 10 min.
Hotel JAL City Naha Walk 1 min.

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