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Soba Chiruguwa- Chatan (そば家 鶴小 北谷店)

Delicious, Cheap and Fast Okinawa Cusines!

“Menso-re (Welcome)” The staffs good smile make your appetite increase! Okinawa soba of this restaurant contain a considering nutritional balance, and can be delivered all over Japan. The skipjack tuna based soup makes a great taste that matchs the noodles. You can enjoy this taste at Misato, Tsubogawa and the Nago branch too.
Zip 904-0116
Address Japan Okinawa Chatan Town Chatan 1-11-10 View map
Reserved number 098-926-2202
Open time and parking place Hours: 11:30-22:00
Closed: Open All Year
Service menu  
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 40 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Okinawaminami I.C. 25 min.
Bus: Chatan 1chome bus stop 2 min.

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