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Craft Shop ima (工房ima)

Yamada Onna Village, a small, small pottery studio

Okinawa Onna Village, a quiet residential area.
Pottery studio is located in such ima.
Renovated house in Okinawa.
Original dishes and vases, we produced and placed candles.
Experience has gotten popular pottery making only one pair leisurely day.
Ima studio is slowly flowing time.
Zip 904-0416
Address Japan Okinawa Onna Village Yamada 2715-1 View map
Reserved number 098-967-8788
Open time and parking place Gallery exhibition and sale Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 16:30
Ceramic Experience appointment (
Service menu Pottery exhibit, produced in the workshop dish sales and exhibition sales
・Ceramic experience 2,000
Limited set of pottery experience each day, We have been to produce an original work slowly
Order your favorite porcelain pottery, we are in consultation with the customer
Access Naha Airport Car (expressway) 60 min. Ishikawa I.C.10 min.
Onna no eki (Nakayukui ichiba) Car (open road) 5 min.
Onna village Maeda misaki Car (open road) 5 min.

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