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Jinriki Katsudouya Simakaji Iriomote Island Bicycle & Trekking Guide Tour (人力活動屋 SimaKaji 西表島自転車&トレッ

Feel the wind...A warm welcome would be waiting. Bicycle island trip which is kind to the environment...New discovery by trekking...Learn the history and culture. We will guide a taking part trip that can touch wild animals

Iriomote island's first bicycle island tour and trekking tour to discover the island breeze. Animals, plants, history, culture, and experience of daily islanders' life are never able to learn inside the car. Let' experience the islanders' life! Can even try out on your own. The owner, an islander himself would guide the island. Feel free to ask anything. Relax and spend a slow island time. An affordable price is set so many people can enjoy. 120% satisfaction!
Zip 907-1542
Address Japan Okinawa Taketomi Town Iriomote(Shirahama) 1499-9-102 View map
Reserved number 080-1724-5211
Service menu ・1 day relaxed yonna tour 6,500 yen (village tour, wild animal tour, and spending time at the beach, rental bicycal・meals・insurance included)
・Forest shower trekking tour 7,000 yen (forest bath while jungle trekking! island time full of minus ion. heals the tired body and soul in the city
・Star watching & look for the plants at night tour 2,500 yen (2 hours from sunset. many discoveries of animals and plans depending on the season. have a night that can only be experienced on a bicycle)
・Bicycle & trekking tour 7,500 yen (village tour in the morning, nature observation after lunch, climb up to Urauchi river and trek to Mariyudo fall & Kanbire fall, rental bicycal・meals・insurance・boat included)
・Urauchi river jungle trekking tour 7,500 yen (starting from the observation of wild animals living in the longest river in Okinawa, we introduce the myth of Mariyudo and Kanbire waterfall which is one of the best 100 waterfalls of Japan. secrets of mangrove and Tsukigahama are showed at mouth of the river)
Guide tours are available for anyone. Kind nature experimental discovery tour of walking around the village by bicycle, folk stories, talking with the elderly, beach trekking tours, and jungle trekking. All tours are safe and enjoyable. Islander himself would fully satisfy your trip. Best tour to know everything about the island!! A half day is also available.

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