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Real Deserted Island Tour (本物の無人島ツアー)

Real east coast uninhibited tour. 5 passengers on a rescue boat to the white inhibited beach

Sea turtle lay eggs. Rabbits in the shade of the tree. You can see nemo and sea anemone in the tide pool. We would guide you through this island.
Zip 904-2174
Address Japan Okinawa Okinawa City Yogi 292 WA-4CView map
Reserved number 098-932-7231
Open time and parking place ・Uninhibited Island Half day course (9:00-14:00, 3-4 hrs stay at the island)
・Uninhibited Island Al
Service menu ・Uninhibited & Snorkeling Half a day tour 8,000 yen (conducted from 2 persons. enjoy beach & snorkeling at the inhibited island. with drink) 
・Uninhibited & Snorkeling all day tour 10,000 yen (per person, all day tour with lunch & drink. enjoy fish watching, hermit crabs and sell collecting while the tide is drawn at the tide pool)
There are nothing at this inhibited island. Very rare in Okinawa, and white beach spreads out. There are no water, electricity, or bathroom in the island. Although, beautiful ocean are there.
Access Naha Car (open road) 1 hr. 30 min. Depends on the traffic.
Onna Village Car (open road) 1 hr. Depends on the traffic.

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