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Nishihama (ニシ浜)

Beautiful natural beaches with white sand and blue sea

Nishihama Beach is an hour away by boat from Ishigaki Island, natural beach in Hateruma Island. "Nishi" is north in Okinawa dialect, located in the north part of Hateruma island. Breath taking blue sea and white beautiful beach, daze into the sparkling sea, or enjoy swimming fully. Satisfy yourself at the relaxed beautiful ocean at Hateruma island!
Zip 907-1751
Address Japan Okinawa Taketomi Town Hateruma View map
Reserved number 0980-82-6191
Open time and parking place Swimming hours: April 1st.-Oct. 31st
Access Ishigaki Port boat 1 hr. Hateruma Port
Hateruma Port walk 10 min.

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