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Agu restaurant (あぐーの店)

Can have very precious agu "Yanbaru shima buta (pork)" here. From tasting size to big meal

A standing store in the northern part of Okinawa inside the world heritage
"Nakijin Castle". Simple store that can have local special agu "Yanbaru shima buta" a brad agu on a skewer or on top of rice. Eat at a lounge in Gusuku center which you can see the emerald green ocean. On
a sunny day, have it in the front of the store where seats and tables are placed.
Zip 905-0428
Address Japan Okinawa Nakijin Village Imadomari 5101 Nakijin son gusuku kouryu senta-nai sekaiisan nakijinnjyoushiView map
Reserved number 0980-56-4400
Open time and parking place Hours: 10:30-17:00 and strong winds and torrential rain, the weather is subject to closed.
Closed: T
Service menu ・Agu pork set 3,150 yen (ships and sells agu. pork loin, ribs, sausage, and uncured ham etc and other sets. we do not sell at the store)
・Spit-roasting agu 550 yen (a bit big agu on a skewer grilled in white charcoal . the best way to taste agu!!
can taste the sweet and stable of agu. only limited number sold)
・Agu fried noodles 500 yen (fried noodles madly by precious agu "Yanbaru shima buta. noodles are thin and sauce taste)
・Agu pork on top of rice 800 yen (special precious agu pork "Yanbaru shima buta" used. a bit sweet and the meat melts in your mouth. limited amounts sold)
・Agu pork fried with ginger on top of rice 800 yen (very precious "Yanbaru shima buta" fried with ginger on top of rice. Please have a try for this extravagant agu used dish. All menu are detailed. We try our best to bring out the natural taste of the meat. Beef skewers and Takoyaki are also sold.
Access Naha Car (expressway) 2 hour30 min. Okinawa Expressway: From Okinawa Expressway Kyoda I.C. from Nago on Route 58
Route 58> prefectural highway 84> prefectural highway 72
Marine expo park (Okinawa Chu

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