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Okinawa aloha shirt "MANGO HOUSE" Kokusai Street Shop 3 (沖縄アロハシャツ (かりゆしウェア)のマンゴハウス (国際通り3号店)

Newly opened at Kokusai Street!! We sell Okinawa aloha shirt ・Kariyushi wear. Recommended for souvenirs!! For Okinawa resort wedding, too!

An aloha shirt (kariyushi wear) specialized store which produces product developing from selling in Okinawa (own company). Of course, all the design is original. Okinawa nature and scenery as a motif, a fun MONGO style design, only here. The design varies by each, there are no Kariyushi wear (aloha shirt) that is the same. All the products are sole limitedly. We do not make extras. Please try the "Kariyushi wear" which is the Okinawa aloha shirt. MANGO STYLE (Kariyushi wear/ aloha shirt) is popular among Okinawa resort wedding.
Any questions would be answered by friendly shop staff. From kids to seniors, all variety of Kariyushi wear (aloha shirt) available. Please stop by at Naha, Onna, and Oroku store.
Zip 901-0014
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Matsuo 2-8-4 1F View map
Reserved number 098-863-9266
Open time and parking place Hours: 10:00-22:00
Newly Open! Please enjoy shopping at our store.
Card information VISA;MasterCard;JCB;DC;Nicos;UFJCard
Service menu ・Men's Dragon Panel 8,000 yen (Guardian of Ryukyu Kingdom! Good luck charm aloha shirt (Kariyushi wear) which as dragon an auspicious creature which dances through Okinawa sky drawn by Chinese ink!)
・Men's Hiby Border 6,800 yen (Hibiscus which represents Okinawa plants drawn by a simply touch with a painting brush never gets tired!)
・Lady's Sisa Paisley 6,400 yen (An oriental arranged Sisa which is the symbol of Okinawa, mixture of Ryukyu textile, Chanpuru aloha shirt!)
・Kids Aloha Shirt 2,940 yen (Standard aloha shirt! Hibiscus and ray and kids tropical aloha shirt)
・Kids Sun Dress 2,940 yen (Standard aloha shirt! Hibiscus and ray and kids tropical sun dresses)
We have reasonable price products at the store. Please stop by when you come to Kokusai Street. All original products made in Okinawa. Reasonable price products.
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 15 min. Hotel JAL City Naha. Red signboard across the hotel.
Okinawa Monorail: Miebashi St. Okinawa Monorail 6 min. Hotel JAL City Naha. Red signboard across the hotel.

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