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Michi No Eki "Toyosaki" (道の駅「豊崎」)

The most closet Michi No Eki (Road Station) to Naha Airport!!Here you can find fresh vegatables from "JA" and tourist information at the "Information Spot"!!

The 6th Michi No Eki (Road Station) to open here on Okinawa Opened it door in December 20, 2008. "Toyosaki" is only a 13 min drive from Naha Sirport and only 6 min away to the expressway Nakachi I.C. Lots of Okinawan vegatable can be found at the "JA Toyosaki Chacha Iro Batake". If you need road or tour information, stop by the "Information Station". Also, the largest rental car station is connect next to the "Toyosaki" with companies from ORIX, Japaren, OTS, Ryuseki.
Zip 901-0292
Address Japan Okinawa Tomigushuku City Toyosaki 3-39 Michinoeki ToyosakiView map
Reserved number 098-850-8760
Open time and parking place JA Okinawa Shokusaikan Chacah Iro Batake 9:00 - 19:00 Closed: Open All Year
(Food court Last order1
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 13 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Tomigusuku・Nakachi I.C. Car (open road) 6 min.

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If that's the point then fair enough. I've been disappointed with the food and coffee offerings at Palladium also. I'd rather be at Bakeshop.I did have a good basic salad from Taste the World and Pravda's cafe makes a basic fresh ginger tea which you can drink in a semi-enclosed setting if you feel like escaping the food court feeling.I would love to hear where the meals there are actually exceptional.
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