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Okinawa Monogatari [Hotel Mahaina] (沖縄物語 【ホテルマハイナ】)

A resort space to feel all of the Ocean, Wind, Sky and Earth

This is one room at a resort hotel in Motobu town. You can enjoy your stay with the long-term stay environment. If you get tiered of swimming, just come back and rest your body and enjoy the time of freedom.
Zip 905-0205
Address Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Yamagawa 1456 View map
Reserved number 098-975-6567
Open time and parking place Check in: 15:00 - 22:00
Check out: 22:00 - 11:00
Please call in advance if the check in is going to
Service menu ・1 night 13,310 yen 2 person use is 15,620 yen
Able to use the room up to 5 persons *Room charge varies by number of persons

Itemized Price (Lodging charges:11,000 yen + Room Charge)
Room Charge (Bed making etc.)
・Adult:4,042 yen / first person 2,310 yen / second person and up
・Child (4 years to 11 years): 1,115 yen

Japanese/Western Style: Two beds / 4.5 Tatami room / Balcony
Access Naha Airport Bus 2 hours If going to use expressway bus, need to change buses at the Nago Bus Terminal.
Naha Airport - Nago Bus Terminal 1 hour 45 min Price: 2, 020 yen

Nago Bus Terminal - Hotel

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