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Orion Ishigaki island Eco Tour Service (オリオン石垣島エコツアーサービス)

Experience the nature in Ishigaki island such as sea, river, forest and mangrove areas by snorkel, canoe, sea kayak and diving.

Orion tour is the eco tour of nature experience and culture experience type.
Unlike large group island tours, this tour is a small group tour in a slow pace that lets you experience the beautiful ocean, mangrove and subtropical forest and protect the mother nature of Ishigaki island. We approach the vast nature gently by canoe, kayak, snorkel, diving and walking slowly.
Accommodation facilities to enjoy eco tour more in Ishigaki are included.

Any one can enjoy this tour such as a women by her self to little children to families.
We hope the travel to the beautiful island Ishigaki will be your good memories through our Orion tour.
Zip 907-0451
Address Japan Okinawa Ishigaki City Fukai 337-261 View map
Reserved number 0980-89-2755
Open time and parking place Hours (Morning): 9:00-12:00 (Picking up is available for customer need 30 min. prior to tour.)
Service menu ・Canoe, Kayak tour 6,000 yen Enjoy both the coral reef ocean and the mangrove river
・Canoe, Kayak & snorkeling 6,000 yen
・Canoe, Kayak & snorkeling twilight tour 6,000 yen Watch the sunset and visit the mangrove in nighttime. look up the starry sky from between the waves
・Diving 9,000 yen A safe small group tour. Introduces you to the fun sea creatures
・Forest adventure, Water fun 5,000 yen (Forest adventure) walk around the streams flowing in the subtropical wildwood. meet the prawns, crabs, and insects. (Water fun) snorkeling with the colorful fishes around coral reef
Access Ishigaki Airport By car (open road) 25 min. 
Urban area By car (open road) 30 min. 
Kawahira By car (open road) 20 min. 

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