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Kenkoujikan Gukurunomori (健交時間・グクルの森)

If this nurturing energy. Cafe local health

Okinawa healthy natural environment, culture and food, is being built by the Communication and Culture is also represented Yuntaku Ai Yui. "Forest health Gukuru crossing time" is a new form of health exchange space. Local people, students, and adults who stay healthy travel club.
Zip 903-0126
Address Japan Okinawa Nishihara Town Tanahara 100 2FView map
Reserved number 050-5204-2554
Open time and parking place Thursday-Sunday 13:00-18:30 Yuntaku live until 21:30
Service menu ・Untaku live 1,000 yen - (with 1 drink)
・Healthy menu 200 yen - (healthy zenzai, yakuzen manjyu, rice, goat yogurt etc)
・Health check 2,000 yen - (set the goal for "enrich life". to "realize" that you can check your health from many points. associated with Japan Health Club Okinawa)
・Okinawa books for health
・Okinawa art・traditional craft artist's introduction
・Art/Nakachi Nobuhide carpenter/Yasa Masakore Ryukyu glass/Yakabi Hiro Potter/Kuba Masaichi Music/Chinaonin Deyoko
・Corraboration of Okinawa writers, publisher, and health makers, "a place to relax (yuntaku) ".
Access Ryukyu daigaku igakubu  bus stop Walk 5 min.

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