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Electric Sanshin (エレキ三線)

Okinawan Sanshin Shop that can do Order-made / Repair / Repaint and has a full aftercare service!!

We try to become known as a Sanshin shop that provides sanshin making and Okinawa information blogs.
This is what you need to know
*Why the Sanshin is cheap: Because the Owner makes it with his wife and has no employees
*Insurance to all of the products
*Fully stocked: Can send the next day of order
*Always looking for new development
Zip 901-1303
Address Japan Okinawa Yonabaru Town Yonabaru 3192-29 View map
Reserved number 090-4985-8681
Open time and parking place Hours: Thursday-Tuesday 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Wednesday
Service menu ・Leather Electric Sanshin (Regular price: 75,000 yen) 63,000 yen  Made with an "A class" leather.You can use it as a regular sanshin too.
・Extra Storng Leather Electric Sanshin (Regular price: 6,5000 yen) 52,500 yen  A extra strong leather sanshin with a string tuner. You can use it as a regular sanshin too.
・Artifical Leather Sanshin (Regular price: 4,5000 yen) 31,500 yen  A sashin with a pickup amp installed. You can use it as a regular sanshin too.
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 30 min. Yonabaruchoyakuba iriguchi signal (as Orion iriguchi) There is a park and enter from the far end, take a left at the park. Ther willl be a sign

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