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Location Photo Plan With A Limousine (ロングリムジン付き!ロケーションフォトプラン (南部/中部コース))

Wearing wedding dresses and tuxedos, photography in just the right locations on the island. You can also enjoy long drives in the luxury limousine too!

If you plan to get married now, who do not marry and though he mentioned formula, and a recommended plan for Okinawa Location Photo leave only those photos. Photography background of the ocean, as well as to move the drive location shooting in long limousines and luxury to enjoy the photo too, just cerulean. So long limousine car seats up to seven people is also attractive to join us together with your family!
If you stay in the city of Naha, the south course, stay toward the Onna area, middle course is recommended!
Zip 900-0004
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Mekaru 1-3-25 Solid Mekaru 2FView map
Reserved number 098-941-6828
Open time and parking place Weekday 9:30 - 18:30
Saturday Sunday, Holiday 9:30 - 17:00
Service menu ・(Duo) Weekdays
88,000 yen
Southern Course

・(Duo), weekends and national holidays
98,000 yen
Southern Course

・(Duo), weekdays 9
8,000 yen
Central Course

・(Duo), weekends and national holidays
108,000 yen
Central Course

Includes: Dress hire / rental tuxedo / Hair (women only) / Bouquet & Boutonniere flower rental / minute to about 50 cut picture data (CD passing by) / Shuttle Limousine Long (studio pictures - taken between locations)

Departure time: am / pm
Time: 3 hours (including preparation) *Need to try the outfit a day before

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