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Valley of Gangala (ガンガラーの谷)

A journey to learn the roots of the Japanese

Walk around the south forest and cave of mainland Okinawa, “Valley of Gangala” is a place where you can feel the old time. Explore the nature with the specialized guide staff, stalactite blessed with good children, “Ufushu Gajumaru” grows inside the arch of natural rock, and limestone cave which ancient people use to live. Spend a relaxing time in the natural cave “Cave café” for free.
Zip 901-0616
Address Japan Okinawa Nanjo City Tamagusuku Maegawa 202 View map
Reserved number 098-948-4192
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00-18:00 (Tours are conducted 4 times a day) 10:00/12:00/14:00/16:00
*Reservation required
Service menu ・Fee (Adult) 2,000 yen and up  The fee for children under elementary school accompanied by parents is free.
・Fee (Student) 1,500 yen and up Please show us a student identification card.
(Professional school students must, too.)
・Fee (Group) 1,500 yen and up Only for the group including over 10 people
One instructor will accompany several people. It takes approximately 80 minutes to show you around the valley.
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 30 min. 
Please Come to the "Okinawa world".

The parking is available at the opposite side of the entrance of Okinawa world.

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