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Restaurant Guest House Yaponesia (お食事処 みん宿ヤポネシア)

Itoman is famous for their vegetables! Healthy homemade cooking using fresh local ingredients. (Please reserve the day before)

In Odo, Itoman, the "Guest House Yaponesia" started offering dinner to customers other than stay. Travelers and everyone in the neighborhood now can have a delicious meal together. All of homemade dishes use local and seasonal vegetables. Flavor enhancer and food additive seasonings are never used in the dishes. We will do as much as possible for people who have allergies, please just ask us. The daily meal (healthy homemade cooking using local ingredients) is only 1,200 yen (includes coffee or herbal tea after meal). Beer and awamori are also available (Do not drink and drive). Sashimi and other special orders can be made, please ask.
*Please reserve the day before.
*We are sorry if we can not be available under certain matters.
Zip 901-0334
Address Japan Okinawa Itoman City Odo 309-42 View map
Reserved number 098-997-2136
Open time and parking place 19:00 to 23:00 hours Meals provided
Service menu ・Daily meal set (includes coffee or herbal tea after meal) 1,200 yen Rice, soup, main dish, 2-3 side dishes., coffee or tea
・Orion Beer 300 yen and up
・Awamori 150 yen and up Koshu available
・Sanpin tea (Jasmine) 0 yen
Access Himeyuri no to, Peace memorial park Car (open road) 5 min. Enter from Odo intersection toward the ocean. About 400 meters on the right side.
Bus stop: Seimei Hospital Walk 5 min. After getting off th

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