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Mozuku Soba Restaurant Kunantu (もずくそばの店 くんなとぅ)

A healthy soba with plenty of Mozuku kneaded into it

The tasty noodles with mozuku kneaded into them matches the soup that has a excellent and rich taste! By adding the mozuku, it leaving an unforgettable taste. Until 14:00, you can have mozuku rice and mozuku jelly with free refills of the "fresh mozuku" and the "mozuku su"(vinigerd mozuku)! Why not take home the delicious taste of the mozuku noodles, soup and jelly and spread out the happiness you had here.
Zip 901-0613
Address Japan Okinawa Nanjo City Tamagusuku shikenbaru 460-2 View map
Reserved number 098-949-1066
Open time and parking place Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Open All Year
Service menu ・Mozuku Soba 550 yen
・Soki (pork rib) Soba Set 900 yen
・Ladies Set 700 yen
・Children Set 450 yen
Access Bus: Shikenbaru iriguchi Walk 3 min.
Naha Airport Car (open road) 36 min.

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