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Igei service area down line (伊芸サービスエリア 下り線)

Japan's southernmost SA (service area)

Ocean Expo Park and northern resorts are very close from here. Enjoy the food and drinks while talking about your plans together. Noisily and future plans together.
Zip 904-1202
Address Japan Okinawa Kin Town Igei 1264 View map
Reserved number 098-968-3553
Open time and parking place Hours: 8:30-20:00 Closed: Open All Year (except typhoons and bad weather when Okinawa expressway c
Card information VISA;MasterCard;JCB;American express;UC;DC;OCS;Electron money「Edy」
Service menu ・FC Ryukyu agu go plate (We support the FC Ryukyuteam, serves support plates. Agu is the "Rare pig" a rare black Okinawa pig. Straightly sent from the farm used. Lightly salted agu, can have it with "Aguni salt "or "Citrus sauce")
・Popo taco 300 yen (sweets made from handmade original taco meat and Hirayachi (crepe dough). can adjust the spiciness. Good for your lunch, too!)
Access Okinawa Expressway: Ishikawa I.C. car (expressway) 10 min. Okinawa Expressway: Naha I.C. car (expressway) 50 min.

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