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Ishi No Yu I No Mae (石の湯 伊の前)

Warm bath and gently rock the body to be good for health beauty.

Once cool and, even if the overdressed body warm up. It is said to be caused by poor blood circulation. Been slowed the work of lymphocyte If so, the weakened immune system. The negative ions and far infrared, warm bath and gently rock the body to discharge waste in the body can sweat a lot and increase the natural healing power to improve blood circulation. "Even warming cure any disease!" enough to assert that doctors have "cold"is a significant body damage. Azukari the efficacy of the stone, hot stones to warm the body with the power of the stone is recommended for health beauty. Everyone in the family, in person and, Please enjoy the presence min.
Zip 901-0516
Address Japan Okinawa Yaese Town Nakaza 270 View map
Reserved number 098-998-0255
Open time and parking place Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 *Last Entry 21:00
Closed: Wednesday
Service menu ・entry Fee 1,000 yen Middle School and up
・entry Fee 900 yen More than 10 people
Access Okinawa Expressway: Haebaruminami I.C. Car (open road) 20 min.
Bus: Gushichan mae bus stop Car (open road) 5 min.

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