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Glass Blowing Takumi Koubo -Glass Blowing Craft Experience- (吹きガラス 匠工房~吹きガラス体験~)

Adding new! Glass blowing experience reservation in accepting the popular summer vacation! !

"Some of the originality of the original" keep sticking to glass blowing studio masters.
I often kid and female participants experienced so much! !
Here's Orijiru surely going to want to love you beautiful blue sea in Okinawa
Ryukyu glass products are available!

In recent years, in Okinawa, but a lot of glass products made abroad and cheap labor costs, many are being sold as if it were Ryukyu glass. In such situations, utilizing the sensitivity born and raised in Okinawa Okinawa. "Meidoinokinawa" stuck making workshop Ryukyu glass. That "glass blowing studio craftsmanship" is.
"Takumi Kobo" are loyal to what works and ingenious in the original, creating a product, we are loved by many fans nationwide glass. Ryukyu glass hand corner experience a kind of national pride, not your own blown glass and two in the world (Head Ishikawa) Tombo ball (Onna shop) feel free to make the original work.
Why not enjoy "See, making, using" all means at once with the "Craft Masters".
Zip 904-1115
Address Japan Okinawa Uruma City Ishikawaiha 1553-279 View map
Reserved number 098-965-7550
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00 - 18:00
Service menu ・Blow glass experience 2,100 Glass blowing experience and is blown with a long pole with a thick melted glass, the syrup-like molten glass, as if inflating the balloon inflated, and that will finish in a glass instrument and experience
Color, pattern, shape and variety you can choose. The day will slowly cool to room temperature before the heat of the glass (chilled will rapidly break), so Naremasen to go. I'll come to the next date will be delivered to the addressee
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 1 hour30 min. 
NahaI.C Car (expressway) 60 min. Ishikawa I.C

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