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Color Care Jion (カラーケア慈恩)

Would you like to experience healing in the ancient city of Shuri, Okinawa colorful? I wake up in the moment waiting for a new experience!

Color Therapy (Colour Care System) and the healing power of the mind and body color, and leads to a better state of mind and body, ancient Egypt, Greece, India, the therapy has been done long ago in China and elsewhere . Currently in the UK, Germany and other European countries, USA and Australia are recognized worldwide, are melted in the lives of people. A hint of color to know yourself a lot of that is deeply hidden. Discover the truth to yourself, if the way I am "relaxed" towards the state that supports. Color Therapy and Color Therapy Why do you even open the door of the Flower Therapy?
Zip 903-0824
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Shuri ikenohatachou 20 Lucent Ikehata 302View map
Reserved number 098-885-2975
Open time and parking place Hours: 13:00 - Sunday, Monday
Closed: Varies on reservation
Reservations time: 9:00 - 18:00
Card information DC;JCB;OCS;VISA;MasterCard
Service menu ・Aura-Soma Consultation Private Session  5,000 yen

・The price of a single 60-minute consultation.
High school student discount of more than 4,000 yen
The following junior high school student discount 2,000 yen

・Individual counseling sessions - Flower Psychology  7,500 yen
Rates are inclusive of first flower essences in a single 60-minute counseling. (Student discount 20% off) Purchase of 2,500 subsequent Flower Essences (bring a bottle 2,200 yen) with a follow-up

・Aura-Soma Colour Consultant Training Course
You can experience the new Aura Soma Color Therapy through a system of an ancient tradition. At the same time deeply heal itself, the road to healing others Karaserapisuto. Level 1 - Level 3 Course.
If you would like to request information, please.

Cabinet Adviser Promotion Association certification JMFA Floral Flower mental counseling psychology training courses in Japan (JMFA)

Diagnostic techniques and learn about flower essences flower psychological card.
The course is aimed at therapists and those who are looking for their own purposes.
It is 12 per course.
For further information, please visit the official blog.

・ The Aura-Soma, choose four bottles call yourself coming out of this two tiered color of the bottle 106.
4 bottles that become a mirror to reflect your own image.
The reading shows that we have a bottle with a message therapist. Will know that a lot of hidden color tips to know yourself deeply.

・ Flower counseling will continue to face troubles in your mind forward to using psychological flower card.
Access Shurijyo kouen iriguchi Bus stop  Walk 1 min.
Okinawa Monorail: Gibo station Walk 7 min.

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BION I'm impressed! Cool post!
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If not for your writing this topic could be very convoluted and oblique.
It's a joy to find someone who can think like that

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