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The only place in Onna Village providing the tour to the uninhabited island by kayak made of clear acrylic material! [Kayaking & snorkeling on Yadokari (hermit crab) Island] [Explore the Blue Cave by snorkeling] [Mangrove River Kayaking] and more
<Bonus> A free CD-R with tour pictures taken by guides for all customers!!
[Comfortable and convenient]
Our shop is located at Seragaki which is in the middle of Onna Village where it is famous resort area in the west coast of Okinawa. It takes only 5 minutes to Manzamo, very convenient to go to diving points in a short time.
Free parking spaces and shower rooms are available.
[Kind and Polite]
Since our long-experienced staff members welcome you, even for the beginners, you can fully enjoy the sea of Okinawa. Yadokari (hermit crab) Island is the only point where only locals know!!
We guarantee the CD-R images of the tour will be your best memories.
Zip 904-0404
Address Japan Okinawa Onna Village Seragaki 1288 View map
Reserved number 098-966-8282
Open time and parking place Hours 8:00-17:00 Phone Reservation: 7:30-21:00
Service menu [Kayaking & snorkeling to Yadokari (hermit crab) island]
The web price will be 5,000 yen instead of the regular price of 6,000 yen. Children under 15 year-old will be 3,500 yen (2.5 to 3 hours tour)
The Kayak tour to the uninhabited island of pure white sand, Yadokari (hermit crab) island. A full tour of snorkeling and cave exploring! Our best recommended tour! Great for family, groups and couples!

[Blue Cave Snorkeling]
Regular price 4.800 yen will be 3,000 yen via website (2.5 hours)
Explore the cave in Maeda Cape, a top class diving spot in Okinawa, by snorkeling. Observe the natural mystic world.

[One day plan] Combination of kayaking to Yadokari (hermit crab) island and snorkeling to the blue cave. The web price will be 7,000 yen instead of the regular price of 9,800 yen. Children under 15 year-old will be 6,000 yen (one day tour)
We provide kayaking in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
It is highly recommended for you who want to fully enjoy the sea of Onna Village!

[Mangrove Kayaking]
The web price will be 5,500 yen and 4,500 yen for children under 15 year-old (3 hours tour)
Tour around the river of Okukubi in Kin Town, that is connected with mangroves.
Most recommended from winter to spring.
There are full of living creatures in mangrove forest! Enjoy not only the ocean but other nature areas of Okinawa!!

Prices include insurance, shower, equipment, and tax.

Reservation available on that day. Please feel free to contact us.
Access 50 minutes (Okinawa expressway) by car from Naha IC. From Naha IC, take the exit of Yaka IC, take a left at the first signal, keep straight on Route 58 towards North about 10 minutes and GOODLIFE will

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