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Wedding Produce "Bell For" (ウェディングプロデュースベルフォー)

Total production for weddings we do in Okinawa.

Uninhabited ceremony, photo location, photos Ryuso has proposed various forms of wedding-themed wedding is to small and from Okinawa in Okinawa beaches and restaurants.
Okinawa hotel, of course, to free wedding guide, costume hire, studio wedding photos,
Birth celebration, ceremony, etc. We also offer bridal snap.
Zip 900-0015
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Kumoji 2-22-12 Kumoji UF Bldg.1FView map
Reserved number 098-864-0006
Open time and parking place Hours: 10:00 - 19:00
Closed: Wednesday
Access Okinawa MonorailMiebashi station Walk 1 min.
Naha Airport Car (open road) 20 min.

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