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Native Okinawan Village - Omoro Arboretum

Slip back to the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom and experience life during the Omoro times

This facility was opened in Ocean Expo Park in Motobu in 1980 to comemorate the Okinawa International Ocean Exposition. It reproduces the setting of a village community as it was from the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom until 1889, when the restriction ordinance on sites and premises was abolished. A glimpse of the lives of the people of those times can be caught from the red tile-roofed houses, thatched roof houses and places for worship in the local village of nearly 4 hectares. The plants mentioned in the Omoro Soshi, Okinawa's oldest collection of folk songs, are planted and displayed in the Omoro Arboretum.
Zip 905-0206
Address Japan Okinawa Motobu Town Ishikawa 424 Within Ocean Expo ParkView map
Reserved number 0980-48-3140
Open time and parking place December - February 8:30~17:00
March - November 8:30~17:30
Closed:Thursday (if holiday, closed on Fr
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 140 minutes
Okinawa Expressway : Kyoda I.C. Car (open road) 40 minutes
Nearest bus stop : Kinen Koen-mae Walk 3 minutes Stop for line : 65, 66, 70

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