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Izena Village Seikyaku God Asagi (伊是名村勢理客の神アサギ)

A mystical atmosphere, Izena Village Serikyaku's festival symbol

Izena Village Serikyaku God Asagi is located in Izena Island Serikyaku settlement, rice festival, wheat festival, Unzami, Shinigu and other primary fusible uses this building. On top of the 4 steal the islands wooden roof on top and covers with hay. The height of the eaves are 60 cm, no walls and dirt floor is 5 square meters. You can see the God Asagi in the southern part of mainland Okinawa, but it is mainly placed in northern part and Amami archipelago. Izena Village Serikyaku God Asagi is a rare traditional building of hay structure and assign as Tangible Race Culture Heritage.
Zip 905-0605
Address Japan Okinawa Izena Village Serikyaku 1527-4 View map
Access Nakata Port Car (open road) 3 min.

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