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Izena Villlage Izena God Asagi (伊是名村伊是名の神アサギ)

Vital of festivals in Izenata Village, Izena. Cornerstone of the villagers

Izena Village Izana God Asagi is placed at Izena settlement, wheat festival, Unzami, Smigu and other primary festival are held in this building. The 8 steal structure with no wall straw hut and only 60cm eaves. 5 square dirt floor and mushiro is laid while the festival. The Zinseki is placed on the westward of worship place. There are more than 100 God Asagi in Okinawa, but most of them changes to red tile, the traditional hay style is only left in 4 places at Izena Village. It is designated as Tangible Ethnic Heritage.
Zip 905-0604
Address Japan Okinawa Izena Village Izena 841 View map
Access Nakata Port Car (open road) 3 min.

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