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Kohama Island (小浜島)

A rural island full of water resource, resort island of Yaeyama

Placed between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island, circumference of 13km. Manta swims around the “Yonara waterway”, which is between Iriomote Island and Kohama Island. Harvest Fest and events related to agriculture are held all year round since the island is blessed with farmlands and groundwater. 33m high Ufudais is the symbol of the island, and in the Yaeyama folk song “Kohamabushi” it tells how the island of Kohama is a blessed island with Ufudaki in the back and Shirahama (white sand beach) in the front. It also became famous from the NHK morning drama series “Churasan” shown in 2001.
Address Japan Okinawa Taketomi Town Kohama View map

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