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Yanga (ヤンガー)

A spring of Miyagi Island with full quantity of water and high stone architecture skill

Mountain spring water located in Miyaji Island of Uruma city, high quality water and full quantity of water is rare even in Miyako Island which have many spring water. Inside the spring a tunnel stone leads through 2 spring opening, and shows the high skill architecture of 1849. Every year the new years water Ubinadi, wishes of good health to Yanga.
Address Japan Okinawa Uruma City Yonashiro Uehara View map

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Dear Mary,Thank you for this lovely recipe, my eldest daughter LOVES shrimp and with the advantage of the speed of this dish, I know I'll use it again and again. It looks delicious.Mary x
Thanks Jim. I've updated the post to add those links and some excerpts. I had only previously read the last essay. I appreciate your praise, but I think Sobran's pieces are all better written and more cogently argued than I could ever manage.

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