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Flower & Bamboo Park Okinawa Kaguya Hime (花と竹の公園 沖縄かぐや姫)

Bungalows and camping facilities are also equipped with botanical experience. Seasonal flowers to decorate the shooting spot.

Nature remains within Higashi village, and the interaction with nature while relaxing feel that is more enjoyable playing experience. The park is also located on hill bungalow accommodation and campsites and the morning sun. The delicious food processing and sales facilities and specialty Soki soba, ceramics and park golf, there are experiences and bamboo menu. Bamboo and rose garden, azalea garden, flower garden has been well maintained and the cosmos and sunflowers, you can admire the colorful seasons.
Zip 905-1205
Address Japan Okinawa Higashi Village Gesashi 718-28 View map
Reserved number 0980-43-2838
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00 - 18:00
Service menu ・Cottage for 2 people (8 persons capacity) 7,000 yen
3 people 9,000 yen
4 people 10.000 yen
・From five people add 2,500 yen (Maximum 20,000 yen)
Varies depending on the season schedule
・Visitors horse riding (Mon classes) 5,250 including tax
・Horse riding School (5 times courses) 21,000 including tax
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 2 hour30 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Kyoda I.C. Car (open road) 1 hour
Bus: Gesashi bus stop Walk 10 min. Bus number: 78

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