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Okinawa Peace Hall (沖縄平和祈念堂)

Cross ovens the fence of mankind and appeals the preciousness of "Beauty and Peace Hall"

Okinawa Peace hall is constructed in seven-sided pyramid-type hall shapes the 7 seas and gassho, passes over the race, nationality, idea, religion and wish for world peace. Inside the hall, "Okinawa Peace Statue" which took 18 years to make is placed, on the wall there are 20 more paints of "War and Peace", and a museum which was presented from Japanese painter is placed. At the same are the bronze "Boy" and "Kiyora Butterfly Garden" is also located.
Zip 901-0333
Address Japan Okinawa Itoman City Mabuni 448-2 View map
Reserved number 098-997-3011
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Open All Year
Service menu ・Admission Fee (adult) 450 yen, For more than 20 persons 350 yen
・Admission Fee (high ・junior school) 350 yen, For more than 20 persons 250 yen
・Admission Fee (elementary・infant)free
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 45 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Tomishiro I.C. Car (open road) 30 min.
Bus: Heiwakinendou iriguchi Bus stop Walk 3 min.
Bus: 82

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